This page provides links to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of our products.

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No. of SDS Lines
SDS-PT-001 C081, C89, D081, E088, E63, E83, F084, G88, J081, J72, J73, J74, J86, JF87, JF88, K61, R88, W88, X088, X86, X88, XL88, X91, Y088 y Y88
SDS-PT-002 A99, B99, C99, D091, E93, E96, F98, H98, Q99,R98, S99, W98, X91, X98, Y98, Z096, ZB96 y ZF98
SDS-PT-003 R013, RG13, R13, S18, XR88 y G18
SDS-PT-004 A080, B080, D080, E080 y SK80
SDS-PT-005 A090
SDS-PT-006 JF88 y S20
SDS-PT-007 S10 y S19
SDS-PT-008 J82
SDS-PT-009 N72

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