Applications of Fandeli Products

Coated abrasives are widely used in many industries, both for final finishes and for grinding operations. The industries that use coated abrasives extensively are the automotive, metal, wood, plastics, leather, and glass.

Leather Industry
The tannery and footwear markets include sanding and finishing of such materials as leather hides and related synthetic material.

Wood Industry
Plywood sanding and finishing, furniture in general, moldings and frames, polyester finishing, floors, assembled wood panels, bowling alleys and others.

Automotive Industry
Considered within this market are products for original equipment manufacturers, body shops and motorcycle/bicycle assembly shops.

Metal and nonferrous Industry
Used in industrial and hand tools manufacturing, kitchen furniture, domestic and electric appliances, metal furniture, valves, tubing, cutlery, surgical instruments, typewriters, sewing machines and many more.

Plastic Industry
This market includes finishing of brake linings, electrical parts, acrylic materials in general, molded plastic accesories, fiberglass forms and phenolic laminates among others.

Glass Industry
Included are the sanding and polishing of plate glass, automotive windshields, television picture tubes, glassware and mirrors in general.

Other Industries
Some other applications we can add are concrete grinding, marble and quarried stone, also used in paper, textile, and rubber among other articles.


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